Helping you to ‘think & be slim’ Changing your Mindset and Motivation

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More than Just

Weight Loss 


I will help you to build HEALTHY HABITS by improving your relationship with food and make permanent changes to your lifestyle with a unique treatment combining Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Behaviour Change Techniques. 

Many people find it extremely hard to Shift excess weight. With the Hypno4WeightLoss Programme that has been specially designed for weight loss, you could be well on your way to losing the excess weight once and for all.

This program has been used successful and is designed to change your mindset, your relationship to food and encourage you to practice a healthier lifestyle that is easy to maintain. It is based on an approach of weight management that is applied during Hypnotherapy sessions. It is simple and easy to follow and sustain.

In the Hypno4WeightLoss Programme we can ask the subconscious to modify your lifestyle without any undue stress or distress. Factors such as old behaviours, feelings and emotions, habits and exercise levels can be altered during the hypnotic process. 

This Programme is not just about Weight loss but also about creating life-long habits that will benefit you. 

However, if you are someone who thinks that you don’t need to change certain aspects of your life ( for example you are some who exercises regularly and do not need to do any work in that area or already eat a healthy diet) then we can tailor make the Programme with reduced number of Sessions. Please complete the form so we can make contact with you to discuss your needs

The Programme

In this 12 week Hypno4WeightLoss Programme which is a well-crafted protocol that sets the path to long lasting weight loss success. This programme amongst other things is a combination of using Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and NLP techniques. This Programme takes you from laying the foundations, eliminating limiting beliefs to facilitating long lasting healthy life-long habits and beyond. 














Each individual has unique drivers and psychological patterns that cause them to make the wrong choices over and over again.  Just like driving or any other skill that we carry out on auto-pilot, our eating patterns can become unhealthy automatic responses to triggers such as stress, sadness or boredom. In this programme using hypnotherapy we identify and reverse these unhealthy automatic habits leaving you with long lasting changes, where you are free to enjoy food and a healthy lifestyle. 


What happens during the sessions 

The first session will take between 90 minutes to 2 hours during which a full and comprehensive history will be discussed and weight loss goals will be set. This is primarily a detailed consultation session. In this session we will also be doing our first hypnosis script. You will be given a recording to listen to at home, and some homework to do before the next session. Subsequent sessions are 35 mins to 45 mins long.

As the sessions progress, we will be looking at taking control of your eating, saying no to unhealthy amounts and types of food, increasing levels of physical activity and boosting your confidence and self-esteem. The aim of these sessions is not just weight loss but to to empower you with life-long healthy habits  


We will also be identifying any psychological barriers that keeping that weight on for you and we will be getting rid of them so that you can easily and effortlessly move consistently and positively, towards your ideal weight and shape.

By the end of the programme, using a range of therapeutic interventions designed to regulate your appetite, reduce unhealthy cravings and to help you to stop responding to emotional triggers to eat, you will be able to follow new habits, which will keep you in control of your eating.  The last session will involve Maintenance.

In between the sessions you will have to listen to the recordings of the session and will be given homework assignments to complete. 


This is a comprehensive Weight Management Programme and Success can only be achieved if you are completely committed to attending all sessions, and to following suggestions for further work in between your sessions. To gain optimum success you should allow one week between sessions, although longer between sessions can be arranged to fit your budget and goals.

reasons for investing in the WL Programm



“ I wanted to say how grateful I am that I found this weight loss Program. I started the Program in November and I was a size 18 and as I write this it is about 4 weeks since I finished the program and I am now nearing to a size 12, a size I have not been for over 10 years. I would also like to add that I was very grateful for the support I got during the sessions. I highly recommend the program. It is very easy to follow and full guidance is given throughout by Namita"